Month: August 2019

8 Goals for September

I started noticing that I have been trying to do a lot lately, but I keep jumping from task to task without actually accomplishing anything. I got advice to start using Google Tasks to create a list of things to do. I saw immediate results, so I realized this would make a great blog to […]

Payday! Rental Property #1 – 08/15/2019

Today is payday, welcome back! This one is related to rental property #1. I just received rent for my rental property, so it’s time to look at the numbers. Income: We received $1775 in rent. Property Management Expenses: 10% Property Management fee = $177.50 Eviction Protection fee = $25ACH Bank transfer fee = $3 Mortgage […]

Buying into Success

This book is about a fictional character living his life partying and drinking with his friends when he realizes he wants more out of life. He’s got a decent job but not what he envisioned doing for the rest of his. He starts to explore real estate and falls in love with the idea of […]

First-year owning a rental property

It’s time to take a look at the progress of my first rental property. When I first bought this home, I don’t think I ever had any intentions of the house becoming a rental property. The idea of it becoming a rental property happened later when I decided to get my finances in order. I […]

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