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Payday! December 13, 2019

It’s Christmas time, and I just got my first paycheck for December. I’m always excited for payday, so I can invest more money into stocks and do some saving for another rental property.  My paycheck There is still no change in my paycheck for December; I’m riding my nine exemptions and seeing how close I […]

Get $50 free to host your own website.

That’s right; we can both get $50 if you subscribe for anĀ annual Shared Unlimited planĀ to host your website. The yearly subscription is discounted by 47% for a monthly subscription. If you have been thinking of starting a blog and want a personal domain name and e-mail hosting @ your domain, this is a great option. […]

Save money! Without changing your lifestyle.

Welcome back to another edition of our blog on saving money in personal finance; it’s time to take a look at ways to save some money. We all wished we could save more money but sometimes it feels like we are depriving ourselves. We save money without having a plan, and that is one of […]

Buying into Success

This book is about a fictional character living his life partying and drinking with his friends when he realizes he wants more out of life. He’s got a decent job but not what he envisioned doing for the rest of his. He starts to explore real estate and falls in love with the idea of […]


Hello everyone! I started this blog to document my experiences of starting a successful/failure real estate empire. Hopefully, it will be a success story and a guideline for future generations of my family to follow, but I will share the experience along the way regardless. I’m currently 36, and I have made many mistakes along […]

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