Double Payday! 11/15/19

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Today I had a double payday or triple payday if you count dividends. I received my rental income from my property and have $399 left over after paying the mortgage and property management company. I received my job paycheck, and I was able to save $500 for my 2nd rental property. My budget for Robinhood was $565.20. I had a spending budget of $644 for nonhousing expenses, and I spent $577.11, leaving me another $67.20 to add to Robinhood. My Robinhood account also received $46 in dividends from Main.

Stock purchased with Rental Income

I purchased the following stocks on Robinhood with the $399 I got from my real estate property and $46 dividends from Main.1 stock in HOG (Harley-Davidson), 2x KHC (Kraft Foods), 1x BX (Blackstone Group), 1x UL (Unilever), 1x JNJ (Johnson & Johnson), 2x CNP (CenterPoint Energy), and 1x in CCL (Carnival). A total of $440.72 invested in buying these stocks, and this money will pay me an additional $17.01 a year.

Stocks purchased with a paycheck

My paycheck came in later in the day, so I had to wait for Monday to buy more stocks. With the $565.20 I purchased the following shares; 1x AEO (American Eagle Outfitters), 1x TPR ( Tapestry), 1x ALV (Autoliv ), 1x MCY (Mercury General Corporation ), 2x EAT ( Brinker International), 1x K ( Kellogg Company), 3x FLO (Flower Foods ), 1x ADM ( Archer Daniels Midland Company), and 1x PEP (PepsiCo ). These new stocks added to my portfolio will increase my dividends by another $19.72 a year.

The remaining money from budgeted expenses

I still have $67.20 deposits remaining, and I reached my instant deposit limit of $1000. I will buy 1 or 2 more stocks later in the week once my money clears. My overall dividends increase was $36.73, and the picture below shows my current dividends payouts by month.

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