Last payday of 2019

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My paycheck came a little late this pay period. I usually get it on a friday, but I switched banks and received it by Monday. I’m currently in Miami, hanging out with family and overspending on my nephews. My nephews and I have gone bowling, played some laser tag, and watched stars wars in 4d. It feels like I slightly went over my budget, but that’s not true, and it only feels that way because the paycheck arrived toward the end of the month and all my Amazon subscription shipped, and get billed around this time. Alright, let’s get to my paycheck and see the holiday damages.

My paycheck budget

I now have all my money going towards Robinhood so I can get instant 1.8% APR return on my cash, including the cash I hold to pay off my mortgages for the month. This change will be a nice little increase in revenue that I wasn’t getting before in my USSA bank. My paycheck was $2510.79, and I budget to spend 644.31 on my credit cards, 1212.79 for real estate, and 653.70 for investing.

Credit card spending

I have a negative balance of $82.50 on my travel card. I sold my Pixel 2 when I upgraded to a pixel 4, and the money was returned to this card. I’m not sure what my password is on my US credit card, and I don’t want to reset my password again. I have my password clues at home, so I’ll let this one slide for this paycheck. I probably owe around $100. The majority of my spending was on my Amazon card at 595.23, with another $156.73 in pending charges. I’m going to just send my budget amount of 644.31 and see if I can be extra frugal for the next two weeks and catch up with my new pay increase as well.


I have $653.70, which ill keep $500 in cash for future investment for a rental property and buy $150 in stocks. I don’t have my handy excel sheet on my pixel; for some reason, my cloud data is not updated, so I can’t use my standard investing rules. I want to get this money invested today instead of waiting, so I will look at my stocks that have a negative return and buy $150 in those. I only buy from my self-created index fund when the stocks obtain a 4%+ dividend return, so anything that has lost money should be a better ROI on the dividend at the moment. Brb, let me buy them now and tell you what I buy. My biggest loser was O, so I bought two shares for 146.39 and since O pays a monthly dividend this will increase my dividends by .45 cents a month or $5.40 a year.

Well, that’s pretty much everything for this paycheck. I hope everyone had an excellent 2019, and I hope you stay safe for the new year’s celebration. This blog is my first time doing this from my phone, and it’s been fun. Cya on the next blog for the first net worth update of 2020.

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