Net worth update: $216,410.29 (+ $7,209.85 or 3.45%)

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My net worth is now up to $216,410.20, and it appears when you finally break that barrier of getting out of credit card debt and get your finances in order, your net worth jumps on a rocket and soars. Let’s take a closer look down below at this month’s progress.

Wealthfront Savings: $11,450.81 (+ $1,518.83) This includes $1000 from my September Goals and $500 from my October Goals plus the interest I received at the beginning of the month. I believe once I get this to around $40,000, I will be able to start looking for my next deal.

Robinhood: $15,147.68 (- $457.02) – Robinhood was doing good until this past Wednesday and Thursday when my holdings took a 5% drop and a 2% drop. The number is not as low since I also added $67.24 in dividends and $672.61 in deposits. If you haven’t signed up for Robinhood and you are looking to do so, you can get a free stock using my referral link.

Webull: $103.50 (+ $103.50) This is the new account I just added money too to get some free stocks. I got a $3.50 stock for signing up, and once my $100 clears, I will receive a second stock. According to their app, it says the bonus for the initial $100 deposit could be a stock worth $8 to $1000. If you want to take advantage of this offer, try my referral link and get two free stocks; one for signing up and one for a $100 deposit within 30 days of signing up. If you deposit $100, make sure it’s one payment of $100 and not in increments; if not, you won’t be eligible for the stock. Your first deposit has to be $100, so even if you deposit $60, then $100, you will still not be eligible.

Lending Club: $401.62 (- $33.01) – I had some loans default, so I lost some money this month, but the overall account is around 9% gain.

Retirement Account #1: $59,405.12 (+ $1,727.79) – Even with all the news and drops this month, I did way better than last month. I was up just $353.88 last month.

Retirement Account #2: $30,177.68 (+ $919.68) – This account also did better than last month. I made $423.53 last month and did more than double this month.

USAA Savings: $200.1 (+0) – This is my placeholder value, and I keep $200 to make sure I don’t overdraft for some unforeseen reason.

ALQO: $208.95 (+ $17.89) – I’m keeping this coin until it disappears, and it appears like it won’t be dying off anytime soon. Maybe I’ll be one of those overnight billionaires you read about in the future if it ever blows up.

Condo: $383,900 (+ $2,200) – The value of my Condo went up by $2,200 over last month. I have been using USAA to determine this value, and they update it every month. Redfin and Zillow have a higher value.

Condo Mortgage: $368,552.89 (+ $662.99) – I was able to build $662.99 equity from my mortgage payment.

Rental #1: $236,800 (+ $200) – The value of my rental went up by $200 over last month. Redfin vs. Zillow values are both higher than USAA, and Redfin has it at $330k. I like the redfin value, not sure why there is such a difference from $241k in Zillow. My original mortgage was $179k on this property, and ideally, I would like to refinance it over at 180k when I can get 40-60k.

Rental Mortgage: $152,832.19 (+ $349.19) – My tenant increased my equity by $349.19 this month. I’m getting around $350 in equity and $400 in rental income plus harder to calculate a value in tax savings.

Net worth: $216,410.29 (+ $7,209.85 or 3.45%) – I had a 3.45% growth this month, which is the 4th worse month out of 10 so far in 2019. I have had a 66.74% growth in my net worth compared to my starting value in January of $129.790.60

What’s Next?

Well, that’s all for this month’s net worth update. Come back next month for a new update on my net worth. If you haven’t read my last few blogs, make sure you check them out. I wrote my October Goals and my last payday update recently. I’ll have updates at a later day this month on real estate income, and closer looks at my dividends and credit card spending.

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