Net worth update: $239,829.81 (- $32,666.83 or -11.99%)

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It’s time for another net worth update. I have been positive gain since January, and this was our first negative month. It was probably due to the considerable increase I had last month and now seems to have corrected itself. I’m down almost 12% from last month. Let’s take a closer look at what happened for November.

Wealthfront Savings: $13,090 (+ $519.14) 

I had a $519 gain in my savings account from the last net worth update. It’s slowly getting up there and looking forward to reaching for a 25% downpayment for a 3rd property.  

Robinhood: $19,857.34 (+ $2,477.51)

I had around 2k in deposits and a 3.34% gain over the last month on Robinhood. I’m getting close to about $100 a month dividends each month, with the lowest month being $68. If you want to invest with Robinhood, you can get a free stock using my referral code


I withdrew the $100 I deposited, and the $30 I got in free stocks and transferred the money to Robinhood. If you’re interested in doing the same, you could potentially get a stock worth up to $1000. Use my referral link and get two free stocks. 

Lending Club: $462.65 (+ $13.62) 

I stopped adding money to this account. I’m not enjoying investing with Lending Club as much as I do with Robinhood, so I will not add money again for a while here. I have my account set up to auto-invest, so every time I get $25 in payments from my loans, it will auto-invest in a new loan. 

Retirement Account #1: $65,135.70 (+ $2280.33)

My company matches 5%, so I deposit 5% to get free money. If it weren’t for the matching, I probably wouldn’t use retirement accounts.

Retirement Account #2: $31,698.67 (+ $1,520.99)  

My company has a 2nd retirement account option with a 5% match. I only have to deposit 1% to get a total of 5%, and this is why I have two retirement accounts. I would prefer to self invest, but once again, I can’t pass the free money. 

USAA Savings & ALQO crypto coin 

I have around $214 worth between both of these. 

Condo: $388,627 (- $7,273) 

There was a 7k drop this month. I believe this is the first month my property value has seen a decline since I bought it. 

Condo Mortgage: -$367,221.51 (+ $666.49)

My mortgage principal was paid down by $666.49. Primarily it’s a savings account for paying a mortgage. Some people say a house you live in is a liability. I agree except it’s more than that. It’s a liability that also as the potential to grow in value. With principal pay down the property acts as a savings account, and with tax reductions, it reduces the amount of taxes you pay on the money you earn. It can eventually turn into another rental property and change from liability to an asset. 

Rental #1: $238,260 (- $34,340)

I had a considerable decline this month. I had a 35k gain last month, so all that gain was mostly wiped down with this month’s report. 

Rental Mortgage: -$152,130.54 (+ $351.37) 

My tenant paid down another $351 of my mortgage. Rental properties are excellent, $351 principal pay down, $399 income, and then tax benefits for paying interest and depreciation. 

Net worth: $239,829.81 (- $32,666.83 or -11.99%)

Well, there you have it for this month’s net worth update. I’m currently at 84.78% growth for the year, so I can’t complain. I hope you enjoyed my progress report. Don’t forget to get your free stocks from Robinhood and Webull

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