Net worth update: $272,496.64 (+ $56,086.35 or 25.92%)

Graph going up in value
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My net worth had the most significant gain so far in 2019. I thought I was going to have a good month, but it was better than I thought due to my properties going up in value.

Wealthfront Savings: $12,570.86 (+ $1,120.05) – Wealthfron is currently my high-interest savings account. I got $20.05 on interest on Nov 1, and I had $1100 in deposits from the last net worth update.

Robinhood: $17,379.83 (+ $2,232.15) – I invested $1,839.40 since the last net worth update. My Robinhood account is saying I’m up $747.92 in the last month. If you want to get a free stock with Robinhood, use my referral code to sign up.

Webull: $127.95 (+ $24.45) – My initial investment of $100 has grown to $127.95 with the free stocks I received. If you want two free stocks, sign up with my referral code and get two shares, one which can be valued from $8 – $1000.

Lending Club: $449.03 (+ $47.41) – I added $50, so the account has actually lost me around $3 in the last month. I also deposited $25 yesterday, but I haven’t included those $25 to the total yet.

Retirement Account #1: $62,855.37 (+ $3,450.25) – I deposit 5% to get 5% matching on this account before taxes. I had a nice gain this month compared to last month.

Retirement Account #2: $31,698.67 (+ $1,520.99) – I have a 2nd retirement account where I put 1% of my income, and my job matches another 5%. The gain on this account was slightly better than last month.

USAA Savings: $100.26 (- $99.75) – I accidentally invested too much money on my Robinhood account and ended up over-drafting on my checking account. I have overdraft protection from my savings account, so it withdrew the money from my savings account.

ALQO: $84.68 (- $124.27) – My crypto alternative coin dropped half the value over last month. I have 6061 coins valued at around one penny, and it was once worth up to $3. My initial deposit was around $300, and it did grow up to $18,000, but I never sold.

Condo: $395,900 (+ $12,000) – I get this value from my banks (USAA) home value monitoring service, and it has my property values increasing $12,000 this month.

Condo Mortgage: -$367,888.10 (+ $664.79) – My mortgage payment decreased the amount I owe by $664 last month. My mortgage payment is around $2k

Rental #1: $272,600 (+ $35,800) – I used the same home value monitoring from USAA to determine the estimated value of my rental property. This month had the highest increase since I been monitoring the amount. I guess Redfin saw something USAA and Zillow did not see. Redfin still values my home around $325k, so maybe we will see some larger gains in the future from USAA.

Rental Mortgage: -$152,481.91 (+ $350.28) – My tenants decreased my mortgage by $350.28 this month.

Net worth: $272,496.64 (+ $56,086.35 or 25.92%) – This is the best month of 2019 so far, only December has the chance to beat it. Right now, I’m at a 110% increase from January, which is fantastic.

What’s Next?

I try to do my net worth update on the 4th of every month, that’s when USAA updates the values of my properties. Come back on the 4th of next month to see a new update. Will I stay above 100% for the year, or will next month be a disaster? Only time will tell.

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