A closer look at my credit card spending for August 2019.

Today I’m sharing what my actual credit card spending looks like after paying off my mortgage and $1200 to savings and investments. As a reminder, I always pay off my credit card balance on every paycheck. I added redoing my budget to my goals for Septemeber so I will take a closer look with you all and […]

Payday! Sept 20, 2019

Today is payday, welcome back everyone. Payday is when we take an in-depth look at our bi-weekly finances and make sure we’re sticking to our budget and finance goals. This payday is our last one for September and where I usually spend the least amount of money. If you like to see how my spending […]

Payday! Rental Property #1 – 09/17/2019

Today is payday, welcome back to another personal finance blog. Today we’re looking at another payday for my rental property. We just received our rental income, and it’s time to take a look at our cash flow.¬† My current tenant has been fantastic compared to my last tenant. They haven’t paid water, electricity or their […]

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