Payday! November 1, 2019

Money planted and growing from the ground
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Today is payday just two weeks since the last payday, and it’s time to focus on our game plan to becoming financially free. I have been super frugal the previous two weeks, and I got sick, which made it even easier to do. I usually max out my spending on the first pay period of the month, but I felt super short. I’m going to have an excellent month. I’m getting paid three times in November, so I will likely have a lot of room to invest.

My paycheck

My paycheck for the previous two weeks of work didn’t change. I earned $2,510.79 after taxes and deductions. This month I will receive three paychecks, which I will split my non-credit card bills into three. I usually break down my paycheck like the chart below.

I will have extra paychecks this month and this is how I’m going to break down my cost and investments.

My spending

My spending budget on my trends tends to look like this chart below.

I usually expect to spend $644.31 every two weeks, but I always have a goal to spend less, so that I have extra money to invest. These last two weeks, I spent $402.85 and had $17.90 cashback on one of my credit cards.

Money for investing

I’m putting aside $600 on my high yield savings account towards a downpayment for a 3rd property. Instead of investing $440.20 to Robinhood, I will get to invest $681.66, since I underspent on my two-week expense goal of $644.3. I plan to continue adding $25 to Lending Club. The total amount brings my investments to 52% for this paycheck.

What’s next?

That’s all for this payday. I have an update coming to my net worth blog within the next two days. I’m looking forward to seeing my update to see how I’m doing. If you want two free stocks, make sure to sign up for Webull and invest $100. You can receive one stock worth between $8 – $1000

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